HST Rebate Services for Ontario, Canada

Bought a New Home, Condo, Rental Property or Made Had Major Renovations? We’ve Got Your Back with our HST Rebate services!

New Build or Got Someone to Build Your Home?

If you are in Ontario, Canada and who’s built a new home, either by yourself or by hiring someone in the past two years, you could get a New Home HST rebate of up to $30,000.

Just remember to hold onto all receipts showing GST/HST paid during the building. Leave the paperwork and navigating the tax maze to us – we’ll ensure you get every penny you deserve.

New Home or Build - HST Rebate Information
Rental Property HST Rebate information

Purchased a New Property for Renting Out?

If you’ve bought a new property in Ontario, Canada with the idea of renting it out for at least a year, there’s a potential $30,000 HST rebate for you. You have two years from when your tenants move in to claim it. If you have multi-unit properties or co-op housing, it can get a bit tricky. But don’t sweat – we’re here to guide you.

Did You Do Any Major Renovations to Your Home?

If you’ve significantly renovated or expanded your home or investment property in the past two years, you maybe eligible for a HST rebate up to $30,000. To qualify, you need to have changed 90% or more of your home’s interior. And if it’s a big addition? It should be at least twice the size of the existing living space. And yes, always keep those GST/HST receipts.

Home Renovations HST Rebate Information

Get Your HST Rebate In Three Simple Steps!

Use the Free HST Rebate Calculator

It starts with using our HST Rebate Calculator. This will quickly calculate your HST rebate amount and how quick we can get you payment.

Submit your Documents

Skip the complicated paperwork. Our team will handle and submit all the necessary documents for you for quick rebate processing.

Deposit Your Check

That's It! Once the application is complete, expect a cheque in your mailbox!